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The various flexible and versatile modular flow wrapping and horizontal packaging machines from our principal Syntegon Technology excel by their high operating efficiency, normal to high-speed applications and the quality packaging appearance. We can deliver a complete bar production line for producing cereals, candy, protein and fruit bars. Our slab former, longitudinal cutter, fanning system and cross cutter machines are specifically designed to effectively eliminate problems that bar producers have reported.

A horizontal packaging machine produces and/or fills the packaging with the product horizontally, as opposed to a vertical packaging machine. When deciding what type of machine to use, your product’s size, volume and other criteria are to be considered. Also your decision should consider your current and future needs (for example a change of products or production expansion). If your product can easily fall and be dropped without a specific product orientation, it can be packaged vertically. Examples are potato chips, sugar or liquids. If you are looking for a machine that will pack your free flowing product into a stand-up pouch bag, a Doybag, or need a specific orientation (e.g. cookies or other confectionery), a horizontal machine would be best suited.

The various flexible and versatile modular flow wrapping machines from our principal Syntegon Technology excel by their high operating efficiency, normal to high-speed applications and the quality packaging appearance. They are designed to be simple in cleaning and maintenance. Flow wrapping machines can be suitable for cold sealing, heat sealing or ultrasonic sealing systems.

Our principal HDG offers horizontal pouch machines which ensure a cost-effective production process. Also they are simple to handle when it comes to format changes and cleaning processes. They are also suitable for food products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Besides being accurately reliable, with little downtime, our horizontal packaging machines offer a high automation capability.

Regardless of what food or non-food product you want to pack, a horizontal packaging machine is likely to fulfil your demands.

Possible applications for horizontal packaging:

  • chocolate tablets
  • bars and confectionery
  • sweets
  • spices
  • baking goods
  • fresh food
  • crispbread
  • diary and frozen food
  • pharmaceutical products such as powders
  • cleaning and washing agents
  • cosmetic creams
  • non-packed or pre-packed
  • individually wrapped or arranged in groups
  • Bars
  • Biscuits and Baked Goods
  • Candy
  • Chemical Producers
  • Chewing Gum
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee, Tea
  • Detergent Producer & Home Care
  • Dairy
  • Fresh, Chilled and Frozen Foods
  • Gummy, Jelly & Fondant
  • Pasta, Rice, Pulses
  • Pet Food Producer
  • Soup Cubes
  • Wafers

Possible packaging styles for horizontal packaging:

  • pillow bags
  • primary packs single or multiple layer
  • primary packs biscuit portion packs
  • primary packs biscuit slug (length or cross) incl. end folding of cross seals
  • multi-pack for flow pack
  • sachets and stick packs
  • multi-pack specials: chain (string) packs or labeled packages
  • tray loading on edge and on a pile
  • tray over-wrapping
  • product protection with cardboard
  • tear notch in cross or length seal
  • zipper for reclosability
  • label for opening window
  • tear tape longitudinal or transversal
  • prepared for clipper


  • Syntegon Technology Beringen (Sigpack)
  • Syntegon Technology Schiedam (Tevopharm)
  • HDG


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