Horizontal Packaging

Possible Packaging Styles


A horizontal packaging machine produces and/or fills the packaging with the product horizontally (as opposed to a vertical packaging machine). Consider your product’s size, volume and other key criteria when selecting your ideal machine type. Also, ensure you carefully consider your future needs alongside your current ones so you are prepared, for example, for a shift in your product types or production expansion. If your products do not require a specific product orientation when packed, then vertical machines are likely the best.

Examples of such products are potato chips, sugar, or liquids. If you plan to pack free-flowing products into a stand-up pouch bag, a Doybag, or require a specific orientation (e.g. cookies or other confectionery), a horizontal machine would be best suited. Besides being accurately reliable, with minimal downtime, our horizontal packaging machines offer high automation capability.

Regardless of which food or non-food products you want to pack, a horizontal packaging machine is likely to fulfill your demands.