Superfood packaging machines

Superfoods are the influential new trend that has taken over the food industry and we will show you the best superfood packaging machines for this application. The food industry bestows the superfood label on nutrient-rich foods with a supposed capacity to positively affect health.

Bar Line / Contiline Hansella

The first of our superfood packaging machines is from Hansella. This Hansella Contiline is a highly flexible bar production system, consisting of bar kitchen, bar slab forming equipment, cooling tunnel, and cutting combinations. It is designed to produce cereal, protein, functional, fruit, brittle, and candy bars. What are your benefits?

– Unique mixing system – gentle treatment of raw materials for best bar quality.
– Patented flex execution of the slab former for flexible adaption of forming width
– Optimized for easy, efficient, and fail-safe production.
– Tool-free operation and maintenance.
– Continuous belt cleaning
– Optional ultrasonic knife ensures clean cuts even for complicated masses

FCL Syntegon Ampack

Syntegon Ampack produces FCL superfood packaging machines Their machines allow the important and healthy probiotics to be maintained and safley brought to the customers. So what features does this machine offer?

– It is available in ultra-clean and aseptic.
– The Ampack FCL is designed according to 3-A hygienic requirements (therefore it’s a perfect fit for products requiring a higher protection and a longer shelf-life)
– The linear filler has an output of up to 60,000 cups per hour
– Easy retrofits based on standardized interfaces
– Increased output for liquid products with anti-spilling functionality
– Extractable sealing station for easy changeover of sealing heads
– HMI 4.0 for simplified operation and intuitive operator guidance

SVE 2520 Syntegon Weert

What is trending in the world of superfoods? Nuts and seeds – tiny packages of dense nutrition! The SVE 2520 from Syntegon Weert is a continuous motion vertical bagger that offers high versatility in bag styles including corner seal and Doy style bags.
It is full of benefits, such as:
– User-riendly software
– Low machine height
– Production of a wide range of bag styles
– Bag styles: Pillow bag, gusseted bag, stand-up bag, corner sealed bag, full corner sealed bag, doy style bag

GKF Capsylon 705

The GKF Capsylon 705 from Syntegon Technology is a fully autometed capsule filling machine. Food supplements have become a vital part of our everyday lives. Healthy living includes all the vitamins our bodys need. You feel like producing superfood vitamin supplements?
Here are your benefits:
– Excellent cost performance ratio and flexible machine set up
– Wide range of filling products, for health and nutrition products
– Easy to maintain, operate and clean
– Designed and built according to the latest GMP standards
– Easy and simple format change with short changeover times
– Intensified segment cleaning for long-term running

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