New coffee packaging machine from Syntegon

Syntegon Technology is expanding its portfolio for coffee packaging machines with the PMX packaging machine for ground coffee and whole beans. The machine can be used for different packaging formats due to fast format changes and full corner sealing.

The machine is composed of individual modules, which make dosing and closing stations as well as the machine design individually configurable. Due to the modular structure, specific user requirements can be realised while also achieving efficient output. It packs up to 65 packages of 500 g of whole coffee beans per minute. To reach an output of up to 100 packages per minute, the machine is also available as a double tube version.

3D format changes on the closing unit can be achieved automatically at the push of a button. If the bag cross-section format is changed, the machine will be ready for use again after just 30 min. It is therefore suitable for small, medium and large packaging formats — various bag variants and closing elements can be combined.

All stations of the PMX are designed to process recyclable packaging materials and valves made of mono-materials such as polypropylene or polyethylene – taking sustainable value creation into account.

​​​​​​​The unit produces coffee bags with package weights between 200 and 1200 g, both with upright and downfolded top parts. The bags are resealable via tin tie, labels or adhesive tape. If required, manufacturers can also use a spout closure. All stations are designed to process recyclable packaging materials and valves made of mono-materials like polypropylene or polyethylene to meet the needs of sustainable value creation.

The ‘neutrafill’ process, in which the coffee is gas-flushed before and during the packaging process, is designed to ensure aroma protection. To keep energy consumption as low as possible, the unit is equipped with condition monitoring. In addition, the consumption of inert gas and packaging material can be digitally monitored and controlled. Machine data is collected in real time and clearly displayed on dashboards.

The PMX is suitable for numerous small, medium and large packaging formats. Different bag variants and closure elements can be combined.