Frozen food market is growing

The frozen food market is a steadily growing industry and busy lifestyles worldwide thrive the demand for frozen food providing the convenience the consumer is looking for. But how to meet food safety regulations in a dynamic chilled & frozen food market?

Hygienic Machine Design for Chilled & Frozen Food Safety

Flexible, hygienically designed production equipment is a prerequisite for any frozen food producer who wants to tap new markets in a rule-consistent way. This requires the support from experienced equipment manufacturers. Syntegon has decades of experience in the design and manufacture of hygienic, customized packaging lines for various production scenarios. This includes start-ups, small manufacturers with established portfolios, as well as medium-sized and large companies.

Apart from a diverse portfolio, a hygienic production environment is also key to securing market success. Germs like listeria must be kept at bay at all costs to ensure both product and consumer safety.

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