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Confectionery Packaging Solutions

Looking for a partner for sweet success? Our partner Syntegon is a leading provider of process and packaging solutions, also for confectionery packaging production. When it comes to your soft candies, hard candies, gummies, toffees, marshmallows and other sweet delights, we don’t go halfway. You can expect us to be 100 % passionate about your products.

From a complete high-speed production and packaging line, to shelf ready packaging lines offering the flexibility to grow along with your business and ever-changing market demands – we have what you need.

Complete Confectionery Packaging Line

With our machinery, you can efficiently meet your outputs – whether for enduring favorites, new treats or seasonal bestsellers. It all starts with the candy production, depositing and finishing. Also, the Mogul offers different depositing systems for unlimited candy types on one machine. Furthermore,  we move to the packaging process with the SVE 1820 MR bagger providing efficient high speed primary packaging. Then, combining three packaging processes the Sigpack TTMD integrated toploading solution forms, loads and closes top load cartons. Finally, on to the Elematic case packer with patented case erecting technology providing a wide format range for your product.

Benefits For Your Business

Firstly, the kitchen offers an energy efficient and flexible dissolving system for clear and transparent jellies.

Then, the Makat HLM 35 RS Jumbo Mogul allows highest product quality. This is due to precise and reproducible depositing result and smooth product handling.

The finishing is a thorough and adjustable finishing process with gentle product handling.

Also, the SVE 1820 MR vertical bagger works with a win tube concept enabling up to 400 pillow bags per minute in a minimal footprint.

The Sigpack TTMD integrated topload cartoner works now with integrated robotic product handling ensuring even higher product and format flexibility in a compact footprint.

With the help of the Elematic 1001 SL casepacker it is possible to run a wide format range of cases.

Also, the SVE Doy Zip vertical bagger gives the flexibility to produce the 9 most popular bag styles, including stand up, reclosable, Doy Zip on a single machine.

The Elematic 2001 WAH casepacker is the key to ultimate case packing flexibility with all wraparound shelf ready pack styles on a single machine.


You want to stand out at the point of sale and make the packaging both retail and consumer friendly? That is where this flexible packaging line steps in. With the SVE 2520 DZ vertical packaging machine you pack your confectionery product in high quality stand up bags. They catch the consumer’s eye. And then the Elematic case packer takes over and neatly packs them into shelf ready cases such as ledge tray, tray with hood or full wrap around to minimize retail handling.

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