Chocolate bars are on the rise!

Chocolate and energy bars are gaining popularity. Our partner Syntegon offers the right machines for all demands. Manufacturers of all sizes – from start-ups and small enter-prises to large companies and multinational corporations – are benefitting from the current trend.

What do you need?

Customers expect a broad range of flavors and ingredients. The bars should have as long a shelf life as possible without containing preservatives. The packaging not only needs to be visually appealing, but also suitable for transport and shelf displays. The growing interest in sustainable solutions should be taken into account.

We help you!

No two manufacturers have the same needs: while start-ups are considering the automation of individual production steps, large companies are already working on seamless multileg systems that deliver maximum overall equipment effectiveness. That is why we, as a leading provider of processing and packaging technologies, concentrate on solutions that precisely match your individual needs.

What are the benefits?

For production staff, machines that can be operated easily and intuitively are a priority. Syntegon machines offer a uniform and logically structured HMI (Human Machine Interface). The selection of recipes for product and format change-overs via the HMI is simple and format changeovers on the machine can be completed without tools. These aspects make it easier to accommodate various products and pack styles on the same production line, while keeping change-over times to a minimum. The same principles apply for all cleaning and maintenance procedures. During development and layout planning, it should be ensured that all components are easily accessible and can be readily disassembled. With a fully automated production line, there is no need for production staff to come in contact with the product.

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