All you need for your tea packaging


For your tea packaging production paper needs, we can offer a product portfolio of leading industry brands. Our wide range of virgin fibre and recycled-based grades offers you an ideal base to choose from.

Download your free detailed Tea Production Brochure here: Free Tea Production Whitepaper – Guide to your paper and packaging solution | Polo Handels AG (



NexPure Tea is an uncoated craft paper from our partner Koehler featuring a machine-glazed surface and rough reverse side. It has been specially designed for use as tea bag envelopes. In addition to its good crimping properties, NexPure Tea is also suitable for use with cold seal adhesives and stands out thanks to its high volume and rigidity.

Another tea packaging envelope solution from Koehler is NexPlus® Seal Pure, heat-sealable paper made of virgin fiber pulp with a mineral oil barrier. It is suitable for various applications as secondary packaging and primary packaging.

Koehler´s NexPlus® Seal Coated is a one-side coated base paper with a heat sealable backside. Therefore, it is ideally suited for packaging food and consumer goods as secondary packaging or as primary packaging when barrier properties are not required.


Kama offers an ideal fully recyclable solution for your tea boxes. It provides excellent printability thanks to the smooth coated surface and optical properties of the board. Thanks to its coated reverse, GC1 is also printable on both sides. Both GC1 and GC2 share similar coated front side.

Weig´s UNIBOARD-S is the classic recycled board ideal for your tea tags and tea boxes. The key feature is its more consistent and reliable quality. It offers the highest possible degree of certainty required for further processing.


More tea tags materials can be offered by our partner Arctic paper. G-Print is a woodfree coated paper, with high bulk, generous paper feel and excellent runability and Amber Graphic is a white, uncoated fine paper available in wide range of grammages.



Our first packaging machinery solutions is the MV XV Compact Weigher from Multiweigh – the perfect machine for every product condition: tea as granulate, pad or leaf and coffee as bean up to the housing or capsule. A high-resolution load cells weigh your product from a target weight of 1g with high speed and best accuracy.

Vertical bagger

The SVE 2520 is a continuous motion vertical bagger that offers high versatility in bag styles including corner seal and Doy style bags. It´s designed to package a large variety of products with continuous motion with output of up to 200 bags per minute.


Syntegon´s Elematic 2001 WAH is a high-speed casepacker offering great flexibility on a small footprint. This case packer provides wrap-around and tray & hood solutions in one machine.

Topload carton closer

Tea cartoning equipment by provided by Syntegon Kliklok, offering carton closers for tagged tea bags. Also, the C1h closer is a continuous motion automatic packer is designed specifically for `hood cover` styler cartons – which is becoming a preferred style for tea packers, since it provided a ´caddy pack` re-closable feature, with or without tamper-evident glue spot.

Stretch wrapper

To keep your driver on the forklift, automate and save the time we introduce Q-300 XT from our partner Lantech. It automatically captures the stretch film and cuts it at the end of the wrap cycle. You will save two minutes of forklift driver labour per load.