Horizontal Packaging

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The various flexible and versatile modular flow wrapping machines from our principal Bosch excel by their high operating efficiency, normal to high-speed applications and the quality packaging appearance.

Besides being accurately reliable, with little downtime, our horizontal packaging machines offer a high automation capability.


– Bosch Beringen / Bosch Sigpack
– Bosch Tevopharm / Bosch Schiedam


– chocolate tablets
– bars and confectionery
– baking goods
– diary and frozen food
– other food applications
– pharmaceutical products
– non-packed or pre-packed
– individually wrapped or arranged in groups

Packaging styles:

– primary packs single or multiple layer
– primary packs biscuit portion packs
– primary packs biscuit slug (length or cross) incl. end folding of cross seals
– multi-pack for flow pack
– sachets and stick packs
– multi-pack specials: chain (string) packs or labeled packages
– tray loading on edge and on a pile
– tray over-wrapping
– product protection with cardboard
– tear notch in cross or length seal
– zipper for reclosability
– label for opening window
– tear tape longitudinal or transversal
– prepared for clipper

Additionally we supply spare parts and professional services for your packaging machines. Feel free to contact us!

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