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X-fold Packaging by TG Packaging

Polo has a new supplier – TG Packaging

The Belgium company TG Packaging was established in 1975 and is the specialist for X-fold packaging equipment on the market.
The company develops innovative packaging solutions and focuses on the biscuit packaging technologies:

  • X-fold Packaging
  • Pillowpack
  • Bagloading

X-fold packaging machine CM60

The CM60 is a X-fold roll packing machine for different product shapes at medium speeds (max. 60 products per minute) and can overwrap a large amount of various products on edge and has multiple options to give every rollpack a nice and artisanal look.
The machine operates mainly mechanically and is controlled by a state of
the art control system which guarantees reliability and functionality for the products. The CM60 can be combined with an on-edge feeding system.

Possible applications for the CM60 include important food applications such as (sandwich) biscuits, rice-/corn-/oat-cakes, crackers, extruded bread and
The CM60 can easily be adjusted to various individual product shapes, such as round, oval, rectangular, square or triangular in order to fit to every product’s needs.

X-fold packaging machine CM90

The CM90 is a new generation fully-automatic, high-speed and customisable
X-fold rollpacker that provides a powerful answer to the increasing production capacity.
The packaging machine is, just as the CM60, equipped with multiple control
systems to ensure the highest level of efficiency, continuity and
hygiene. The CM90 can be created in combination with an X-fold on-edge feeder assortment.

With an operation speed of 90 products per minute, it is the fastest and most advanced X-fold packaging machine available on the market.
Besides that, the machine offers features like: Splicer, clipper, corrugated paper, flex diameter version and others.

Possible Applications include rice-/corn-/oat-cakes, sandwich
biscuits and the machine is also used for crackers, extruded bread, biscuit and others.
The CM-90 can easily be adjusted to various individual product shapes, such as round, oval, rectangular, square or triangular, also multiple diameters are possible.

Further information

Contact your local Polo Sales experts for a personal consultation on TG Packaging equipment and follow us on Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with our products.

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