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Virtual Demo Rotzinger Demaurex Polo Handels AG Messe Fair Online

The turbulent situation caused by the crisis of COVID-19 has hit us all and affected every aspect of our lives. Packaging fairs and events used to be exciting occasions all over the year. Visitors could gain information, ask questions, and find contacts. Do you miss those events as much as we do?

Do not worry, we are very happy to announce our partner’s initiative in organizing an online fair:

Virtual Demo – Demaurex, Rotzinger and Transver

Demaurex, Rotzinger and Transver introduce their hygiene and efficiency focused packaging machinery solutions in their Virtual Demo! Food packaging machinery for the entire packaging line and hygienic design are their qualities. Therefore, the machines are designed to be easy to clean, also with water pressure on all areas. Also, visual quality control systems are integrated with some of their machinery, and the production speed can speed up to 2000 ppm. Furthermore, the company’s over 25 years of experience are what makes them a reliable partner, and we are proud to offer their packaging machinery to our customers.

How to participate?

In their Virtual Demo you can exchange with specialists in either English, German, or French. From the 2nd – 12th of June 2020, this opportunity will be available for you. Therefore, you won’t miss out on any valuable information and explore the newest trends in the world of packaging with us! With this link, you can book an appointment with your sales contact and attend the Virtual Demo.

Care to know more about what Polo Handels AG does as a company?

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Koehlers NexPlus® Seal barrier paper

koehler syntegon web bag sustainable grass polo handels ag

Your company is interested in sustainable packaging solutions? Polo Handels AG offers recyclable and professional paper packaging solutions for dry products such as sugar, pasta, rice and much more. The NexPlus® Seal barrier paper from Koehler Paper Group is the first sealable paper alternative to plastics in the packaging industry. Applications include tea bag wrapping paper, flexible multipacks for Sweets and many more.

Why use this paper as an alternative to plastics?

“We are seeing brands making efforts towards putting sustainable solutions on the market. This is very much in line with our own developments. We have adapted to this extremely dynamic market effect and have made implementing it on the new machine a priority.”

Eckhard Kallies (Division Manager Flexible Packaging Paper at Koehler)

Some of the benefits are that the NexPlus® Seal paper is heat-sealable. Also, it is compatible with various horizontal and vertical form fill and seal machines and made for direct food contact, and many more.

Teamwork – Syntegon & Koehler

Polo Handels AG provides packaging machinery as well as the paper you need to fill your machines with. For example the SVE 2520 from Syntegon Technology together with the NexPlus® Seal make the perfect team for paper and processing machinery products. Hence this hand in hand offer is one of a kind and the future of sustainable packaging technology.

Our Sales team is now fully equipped with samples and new products. They are able to consult you with professional competence, regardless of your companies’ circumstances.

So schedule an appointment with your local Polo sales team. You will get a personal consultation on sustainable paper packaging for your product.

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Syntegon Sealing System PHS 2.0

Syntegon Sealing System PHS 2.0 Polo Handels AG Packaging Machinery

Our partner Syntegon Technology has developed a Sealing System PHS 2.0 which will offer lots of benefits. Their innovations are focused on improving your business and creating vertical packaging solutions. 

Firstly it improves your operational equipment effectiveness (OEE). This OEE is known to improve manufacturing productivity. The new Syntegon Sealing System PHS 2.0 helps to improve the OEE by speeding up the packaging process by up to 25%. To achieve this, it uses two-sided heating and no Teflon tape which reduces the sealing and cooling time. 

Secondly, it increases your machine uptime. The Syntegon Sealing System PHS 2.0 ensures a smooth packaging process with very little machine down time. This system gives you flexibility to run laminated materials as well as Polyethylene films without needing a cross seal jaw changeover. This will speed up your machine down time.  

And finally, the Syntegon Sealing System PHS 2.0 reduces your plastic consumption. Environment protection has become more and more important, which is why Syntegon tries to adapt their processes. The clamped film during the sealing process is reduced by 25%. You can pack the same weight of product while using up to 6,8% less film per bag. The top and the bottom of the bag have a free skirt of only 2 millimetres. 

We are very proud of our innovative partner! If you want to know more about our products or the Syntegon Sealing System PHS 2.0, feel free to contact your local Polo sales team!  

Skype Training Sessions by Syntegon Schiedam

Syntegon Schiedam Skype training sessions online training Polo Handels AG Partner Machinery

As the official sales and service representative of Syntegon Technology in CEE (Baltics, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia and Slovakia), we as Polo Handels AG want to inform you of great home office opportunities: Syntegon Schiedam offers Skype training sessions!

In these unprecedented times, our partner Syntegon Schiedam and we want to assure you that our team is ready to maintain the usual quality of services for your business continuity. We take all recommended measures to protect employees and business partners. We work hand in hand to keep risks for people and businesses low.

Despite the stricter travel restrictions at Syntegon and in many countries, the goal is to offer the level of quality, responsiveness and support that you have come to expect from Syntegon. Therefore, we are pleased to inform you that the team of Syntegon Schiedam offers Skype training sessions. From the location in Schiedam, Syntegon offers three introduction Skype training sessions which they organize with you via Skype.


The introduction to horizontal flow wrapping will focus on the basics behind horizontal flow wrapping and how the flow wrappers deal with that. What is a cycle of the machine and what needs to be done within each cycle? Why is the cut-off length so important for the execution of the machine? The Syntegon Schiedam team can not only share information with you but you can also share your experience with them. They offer you this Skype training session free of costs.

Furthermore, Syntegon Schiedam offers an introduction in operating (general operating instructions) flow wrappers. We cover the basic instructions, from operator panel, HMI structure, adjustments during production to cleaning. For this session Syntegon Schiedam asks a small fee. Afterwards you will receive the self-learning interactive slideshow which they use within the session.

The third training is an introduction in maintenance of flow wrappers (general maintenance instructions). They will handle periodic maintenance, mechanical setups for the important flow wrapper modules, and HMI structure. For this session the Syntegon Schiedam tram asks a small fee. Afterwards you will receive the self-learning interactive slideshow which they use within the Skype training session.


For these introduction sessions anyone can participate. The online group can be divers from different locations over the world. However, a minimum of 5 participants is required to plan a session. The training language will be English. The sessions will be held via Skype. After applying for a session and when the minimum of 5 participants has been reached, we will suggest three dates to the participants. We will choose the date with the most votes for the session. You will then receive a Skype Training session invitation via email from where you can join the meeting.

For more information contact your local Polo sales team! We will help you get access to these sessions!

Fiber-based packaging solutions @ Rosupack 2019

Rosupack News Fair 2019 Polo AG Russia

On 19.06.2019, at the RosUpack 2019, we had the pleasure to present a new packaging solution for the packaging industry: Flexible Paper!

The RosUpack exhibition in Moscow is the largest event for this industry in Russia. Our presentation on “Paper as a functional material for flexible packaging – the trend of the future”attracted many visitors.

During their presentation our Russian Sales Manager for paper, Konstantin Zobkov, and our Vice President, Wilhelm Massegg, together with Yevgen Zolotkovski, Sales Director for flexible paper at our principal Koehler Paper Group, underlined the advantages of paper compared to plastic for the packaging industry.

Paper is one of the most important sustainable packaging materials. In the very near future it could be integrated in a closed recycle process, by using secondary fibers in the production of corrugated packaging, cardboard packaging and hygienic paper. One of the advantages of using paper and cardboard is lower licensing  fees for companies in different industries.

Besides all advantages for businesses, also consumers perceive paper as the most environmentally friendly material which stimulates sales and leads to a higher income.

For Polo and Koehler Paper Group it was an interesting experience and a great opportunity to present a new solution for the packaging industry. We are looking forward to successful future presentations of this new solution!

New cooperation with HDG

hdg pouch packaging machinery Logo Polo AG partner

We are proudly announcing the new cooperation between HDG Pouch Packaging Machinery and Polo as of May 2019.
HDG machines can produce various types of pouches for the food, pet food and cosmetic industry as well as for pharmaceuticals and chemicals.
Together with our local Machinery experts, we will find the perfect machine for your pouch & product.

Smart Robotics are Changing the Packaging Game

Smart Robotics Palletizer Packaging machinery Polo

Smart Robotics’ solutions are Smart, Safe & Simple. Because of their Smart Software, these robots can easily adjust themselves to a new task or changes in the environment or product range, needing only minimal instructions from an employee.

Besides, working with robots ensures a safe cooperation between people and robots. With their user-friendly interface and their self-correcting abilities, robots are easy to use. Everyone can work with these robots.

Check out the Smart Palletizer® – the robot used at the end of the line for flexible palletization of products.

Interested in this product? Please send us your inquiry at We are happy to help you.

Introducing Kotkamills AEGLE® Barrier Plus

Kotkamills Aegle Barrier Plus Sustainable Paper Packaging Polo

Kotkamills’ family of AEGLE® consumer boards is complemented by the freshest member of the family. AEGLE® Barrier Plus promotes the wider use of non-plastic packaging solutions. Easily recyclable AEGLE® Barrier Plus packaging board is especially suited for packaging greasy food, sandwiches, bakery products and frozen foods.

The packaging industry is one of the key players in preventing litter ending up in the oceans and nature. Traditionally, packaging industry uses plastic barrier layer on packaging board in order to prevent grease and fluids from absorbing into the packaging material. Alternatively, organic fluorochemicals can be used as grease barriers but they might be harmful for the health. Degradation of plastic can take up to hundreds of years in natural conditions which means they are a burden for the environment for a long time, even ending up in the food chain.

Kotkamills AEGLE® products do not contain plastic, harmful fluorochemicals or waxes. The barrier layer of AEGLE® consumer boards is a water-based polymer dispersion which enables easy recycling since no plastic needs to separated from the wood fibre. AEGLE® products can be recycled with normal paper and board waste. Easy recyclability guarantees the precious material to remain in circular economy.

“AEGLE® consumer board family got its first family member as AEGLE® Barrier Light was launched this spring. We are proud to announce that the product family is now one family member richer. Our plastic-free packaging boards answer to a number of societal challenges, for example preserving the precious materials in circular economy and the prevention of added litter in the environment.”

Kotkamills CEO Markku Hämäläinen states.

“Food industry demands packaging solutions now and in the future. Our job is to create sustainable solutions that offer consumers a pro-environment choice with small everyday choices. Conscious consumers chooses a solution that is sustainable and better for the environment when it is made easy to access and use.”

For this type of product please send us your inquiry at

We are happy to help you.

Polo will represent Kotkamills’ Consumer Board Product Range


Polo Handels AG will represent Kotkamills’ Consumer Board Product Range in Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Polo has operated in the paper, cardboard and packaging industry since 1989.

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