Frozen food market is growing

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The frozen food market is a steadily growing industry and busy lifestyles worldwide thrive the demand for frozen food providing the convenience the consumer is looking for. But how to meet food safety regulations in a dynamic chilled & frozen food market?

Hygienic Machine Design for Chilled & Frozen Food Safety

Flexible, hygienically designed production equipment is a prerequisite for any frozen food producer who wants to tap new markets in a rule-consistent way. This requires the support from experienced equipment manufacturers. Syntegon has decades of experience in the design and manufacture of hygienic, customized packaging lines for various production scenarios. This includes start-ups, small manufacturers with established portfolios, as well as medium-sized and large companies.

Apart from a diverse portfolio, a hygienic production environment is also key to securing market success. Germs like listeria must be kept at bay at all costs to ensure both product and consumer safety.

Read the whitepaper on chilled & frozen to find out!

The key to your success is our service support!

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We take responsibility for the quality of the service performed!

Our service support is a combination of international experience of cooperation with leading suppliers of packaging equipment and a local presence in your country. We process each request professionally and carefully, we take an individual approach to solving the tasks set, our service is focused on your specific needs.

Our team is ready to work closely with you, we are always in touch, which allows us to provide the best service for your packaging machines.

Our colleagues from the service department will help you choose the optimal maintenance program, the best modernization or purchase and deliver format parts.

Portfolio of Service Solutions

  • Supply of spare and format parts
  • Preventive Maintenance at scheduled intervals
  • Upgrades for improved performance
  • Complete refurbishment programs
  • Machine rebuilds, overhauls and relocations
  • Line reconfiguration and recommissioning
  • Minimized downtimes through optimization and modernization

Advantages of working with us

  • Long-term expertise for best possible results
  • High response rate of service experts
  • Pre-agreed service cost
  • Detailed reports on the work done
  • Latest technology and up-to-date safety features

Field Service

Our team of service specialists has more than 15 years of experience working with packaging and processing equipment of any complexity. Engineers are trained annually at the production sites of our European suppliers: they practice in leading technologies, learn know-how and train to equip machines with high-quality original spare parts.

Our experts will manage any task: readjustment or installation of equipment, modernization, replacement of spare parts, major repairs, electronics or software replacement – we will cope with any task!

The mobility of our service engineers allows you to provide fast support and presence, and an individual service approach will reduce the risks of downtime of your equipment to a minimum.

Spare Parts

Original parts ensure optimal performance and durability. We will take care of the supply of spare parts for all types and generations of packaging and processing equipment of our partners. Our team organizes the timely delivery of spare parts, you do not need to worry about logistics, difficulties with customs and document management – POLO is your reliable support.


Even the best packaging machine needs regular maintenance and updating for the best result. Together with our partners, we offer you comprehensive modernization services in accordance with the most modern technologies to increase the productivity and high efficiency of your installed equipment.

The portfolio of modernization services ranges from standard technical modernization to a complete overhaul of equipment.

We help you in the production of new packaging formats on modernized equipment and in maintaining productivity on existing lines. Our specialists will provide you with service support based on advanced technologies, and will help you to increase the efficiency and ensure the durability of the equipment. As a result, our comprehensive approach can lead to an increase in the service life of your equipment and maximize profits.




Chocolate bars are on the rise!

energy bars production polo ag

Chocolate and energy bars are gaining popularity. Our partner Syntegon offers the right machines for all demands. Manufacturers of all sizes – from start-ups and small enter-prises to large companies and multinational corporations – are benefitting from the current trend.

What do you need?

Customers expect a broad range of flavors and ingredients. The bars should have as long a shelf life as possible without containing preservatives. The packaging not only needs to be visually appealing, but also suitable for transport and shelf displays. The growing interest in sustainable solutions should be taken into account.

We help you!

No two manufacturers have the same needs: while start-ups are considering the automation of individual production steps, large companies are already working on seamless multileg systems that deliver maximum overall equipment effectiveness. That is why we, as a leading provider of processing and packaging technologies, concentrate on solutions that precisely match your individual needs.

What are the benefits?

For production staff, machines that can be operated easily and intuitively are a priority. Syntegon machines offer a uniform and logically structured HMI (Human Machine Interface). The selection of recipes for product and format change-overs via the HMI is simple and format changeovers on the machine can be completed without tools. These aspects make it easier to accommodate various products and pack styles on the same production line, while keeping change-over times to a minimum. The same principles apply for all cleaning and maintenance procedures. During development and layout planning, it should be ensured that all components are easily accessible and can be readily disassembled. With a fully automated production line, there is no need for production staff to come in contact with the product.

Simply contact us to find out more! 

Our partner Syntegon launches new pick-and-place platform


  • New robotic pick-and-place platform for product handling, feeding and loading
  • Strong combination of industrial expertise, control and robotics technology
  • Syntegon RPP: modular, individually configurable and scalable

Waiblingen – The Covid-19 pandemic has further fueled the automation megatrend. Manufacturers of different products, especially food, increasingly rely on robotic solutions to automate critical process steps or to fully automate entire systems.

Syntegon Technology has been offering robotic solutions for process and packaging technology for many years. With its newly developed robotic pick-and-place platform, Syntegon RPP, the company sets a new standard in the automation of packaging lines.

Each robotic cell of the RPP platform can be configurated individually to automate processes such as feeding, handling and loading.

Reproduction for press purposes free of charge with credit



The Syntegon RPP platform automates process steps such as handling, feeding and loading. The new robotics platform is designed as a modular system. This allows individual configuration of the robotic cells. The Delta robots can be flexibly connected and, together with transport modules, seamlessly integrated into an overall system. Moreover, the platform can be scaled to suit different production capacities, while multiple cells can be connected. The new robotics platform is designed as a modular system and can be incorporated seamlessly into existing production lines.


R.deckert new supplier polo handels ag packaging machinery

We are pleased to inform you that we as Polo Handels AG have signed a cooperation agreement with R.Deckert. We will exclusively distribute their machinery as of 1.June in the following countries: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia.


Their portfolio includes:

FILLING / CAPPING – Whether filling machines for liquid or powder auger dosing, counting machines for solids or weighing dosing for bulk good product feeding, the offer includes impressive and high-output solutions.

CAPPING – The new generation of machines can offer unique solutions to a wide range of requirements. Format part-free container singling, changeover at the touch of button, complete repeatability via the HMI’s recipe system.

LABELING – You can process any round container without format parts. Appropriate options such as hot embosser, thermotransfer, OCR/OCV etc are available. Their labelling system can also be integrated easily into existing lines.

MORE – On top of the filling and capping solutions, they can offer related products, including suitable machinery, as well as all the necessary equipment with a complete solution.


Deckert’s solutions set the benchmark for the filling of liquids, pastes or tablets and capsules as well as for capping, labelling and conveying for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. This new generation of machines combine design, layout and high-end engineering such as format-free container transport and positive product control.

This is a great example of expanding and we look forward to accomplishing our ambitious plans with R.Deckert in the future!

All you need for your tea packaging

tea production paper machinery polo handels ag


For your tea packaging production paper needs, we can offer a product portfolio of leading industry brands. Our wide range of virgin fibre and recycled-based grades offers you an ideal base to choose from.

Download your free detailed Tea Production Brochure here: Free Tea Production Whitepaper – Guide to your paper and packaging solution | Polo Handels AG (




NexPure Tea is an uncoated craft paper from our partner Koehler featuring a machine-glazed surface and rough reverse side. It has been specially designed for use as tea bag envelopes. In addition to its good crimping properties, NexPure Tea is also suitable for use with cold seal adhesives and stands out thanks to its high volume and rigidity.

Another tea packaging envelope solution from Koehler is NexPlus® Seal Pure, heat-sealable paper made of virgin fiber pulp with a mineral oil barrier. It is suitable for various applications as secondary packaging and primary packaging.

Koehler´s NexPlus® Seal Coated is a one-side coated base paper with a heat sealable backside. Therefore, it is ideally suited for packaging food and consumer goods as secondary packaging or as primary packaging when barrier properties are not required.



Kama offers an ideal fully recyclable solution for your tea boxes. It provides excellent printability thanks to the smooth coated surface and optical properties of the board. Thanks to its coated reverse, GC1 is also printable on both sides. Both GC1 and GC2 share similar coated front side.

Weig´s UNIBOARD-S is the classic recycled board ideal for your tea tags and tea boxes. The key feature is its more consistent and reliable quality. It offers the highest possible degree of certainty required for further processing.



More tea tags materials can be offered by our partner Arctic paper. G-Print is a woodfree coated paper, with high bulk, generous paper feel and excellent runability and Amber Graphic is a white, uncoated fine paper available in wide range of grammages.




Our first packaging machinery solutions is the MV XV Compact Weigher from Multiweigh – the perfect machine for every product condition: tea as granulate, pad or leaf and coffee as bean up to the housing or capsule. A high-resolution load cells weigh your product from a target weight of 1g with high speed and best accuracy.


Vertical bagger

The SVE 2520 is a continuous motion vertical bagger that offers high versatility in bag styles including corner seal and Doy style bags. It´s designed to package a large variety of products with continuous motion with output of up to 200 bags per minute.



Syntegon´s Elematic 2001 WAH is a high-speed casepacker offering great flexibility on a small footprint. This case packer provides wrap-around and tray & hood solutions in one machine.


Topload carton closer

Tea cartoning equipment by provided by Syntegon Kliklok, offering carton closers for tagged tea bags. Also, the C1h closer is a continuous motion automatic packer is designed specifically for `hood cover` styler cartons – which is becoming a preferred style for tea packers, since it provided a ´caddy pack` re-closable feature, with or without tamper-evident glue spot.


Stretch wrapper

To keep your driver on the forklift, automate and save the time we introduce Q-300 XT from our partner Lantech. It automatically captures the stretch film and cuts it at the end of the wrap cycle. You will save two minutes of forklift driver labour per load.

Confectionery Packaging Solutions – Improve Your Business!

confectionery packaging line syntegon polo handels ag

Confectionery Packaging Solutions

Looking for a partner for sweet success? Our partner Syntegon is a leading provider of process and packaging solutions, also for confectionery packaging production. When it comes to your soft candies, hard candies, gummies, toffees, marshmallows and other sweet delights, we don’t go halfway. You can expect us to be 100 % passionate about your products.

From a complete high-speed production and packaging line, to shelf ready packaging lines offering the flexibility to grow along with your business and ever-changing market demands – we have what you need.

Complete Confectionery Packaging Line

With our machinery, you can efficiently meet your outputs – whether for enduring favorites, new treats or seasonal bestsellers. It all starts with the candy production, depositing and finishing. Also, the Mogul offers different depositing systems for unlimited candy types on one machine. Furthermore,  we move to the packaging process with the SVE 1820 MR bagger providing efficient high speed primary packaging. Then, combining three packaging processes the Sigpack TTMD integrated toploading solution forms, loads and closes top load cartons. Finally, on to the Elematic case packer with patented case erecting technology providing a wide format range for your product.

Benefits For Your Business

Firstly, the kitchen offers an energy efficient and flexible dissolving system for clear and transparent jellies.

Then, the Makat HLM 35 RS Jumbo Mogul allows highest product quality. This is due to precise and reproducible depositing result and smooth product handling.

The finishing is a thorough and adjustable finishing process with gentle product handling.

Also, the SVE 1820 MR vertical bagger works with a win tube concept enabling up to 400 pillow bags per minute in a minimal footprint.

The Sigpack TTMD integrated topload cartoner works now with integrated robotic product handling ensuring even higher product and format flexibility in a compact footprint.

With the help of the Elematic 1001 SL casepacker it is possible to run a wide format range of cases.

Also, the SVE Doy Zip vertical bagger gives the flexibility to produce the 9 most popular bag styles, including stand up, reclosable, Doy Zip on a single machine.

The Elematic 2001 WAH casepacker is the key to ultimate case packing flexibility with all wraparound shelf ready pack styles on a single machine.


You want to stand out at the point of sale and make the packaging both retail and consumer friendly? That is where this flexible packaging line steps in. With the SVE 2520 DZ vertical packaging machine you pack your confectionery product in high quality stand up bags. They catch the consumer’s eye. And then the Elematic case packer takes over and neatly packs them into shelf ready cases such as ledge tray, tray with hood or full wrap around to minimize retail handling.

Contact us to find your perfect confectionery packaging machines!



UzFood 2021 – Exhibition on Food, Ingredients and Food Technologies

UzFood 2021​     –    28-30 April, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

UzFood is the key exhibition in the food industry, held in Uzbekistan, Tashkent. Every year the event is attended by leading producers, suppliers and distributors of the food industry representing both national and global food markets.

In the face of changes during and after the pandemic, the most urgent issue is finding new suppliers and products that meet the changing demand of consumers. And our team will be ready to support you and consult on the booth D100, Pavilion 2. 


Konstantin Silakov – Polo Handels AG

Oleg Sorokin – Polo Handels AG

Sasha Dembicki – Syntegon Technology

Andreas Schoenke – Syntegon Technology

Technologies & solutions:

  • Confectionery processing and packaging machinery
  • Liquid filling machines for dairy products
  • Flexible, vertical and horizontal case packer, optimize packing of secondary cases, half slotted containers and other shelf-ready packaging styles
  • Horizontal packaging machines, horizontal flow wrappers, infeed and distribution packaging machines
  • Mills, industrial grinding solutions & size reduction(g. sugar, spices)
  • World market leader for thermal paper, producers flexible packaging paper

Our POLO booth D100, Pavilion 2  –  Uzexpocentre, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Bakery Packaging Equipment

bakery packaging machine syntegon polo handels ag

From croissants to muffins – Polo Handels AG is a leading specialist regarding packaging machinery for all types of purposes – such as bakery packaging!

Syntegon Technology

For example Syntegon Technology is a quality supplier of processing and bakery packaging technology for the food and bakery industry. The portfolio includes stand-alone machines and complete system solutions for the primary and secondary packaging of dry food products such as bars, biscuits, bakery products and coffee, frozen food or dairy products, as well as process technology for the production of confectionery.

Packaging Cupcakes

You are wrapping irregularly shaped cupcakes at high capacities?
A complete bakery packaging line from Syntegon, includes a Pack Feeder with pocket chain and the Pack 403 packaging machine.
The Horizontal Flow Wrapper Pack 403 covers a large variety of high-end applications and is ideal for handling bakery products. It provides easier operations, improved sealing and easier format changes applicable for different materials, for example paper.

Packaging Brownies

Are you searching for a cartoner with a wide format range and quick changeover to pack various kinds of brownies and soft cakes into retail cartons?
The Sigpack TTM delivers on all these points!
It offers maximum flexibility for a large variety of products of food, pharma and cosmetic, pack styles and formats all packaged on one machine.
The changeover time is low, the hygiene standards are on an especially high level and the whole secondary packaging process can be fulfilled.

All Other Bakery Applications

Syntegon Technology offers all types of machinery. Therefore, it is obvious that you will find the perfect solution. However, a free consultation with our Polo experts is the first step. No doubt, it will help you find the best equipment for your demands! Simply contact us and we will manage the rest!

Superfood packaging machines

Superfood packaging machines food packaging technology polo handels ag syntegon hansella

Superfoods are the influential new trend that has taken over the food industry and we will show you the best superfood packaging machines for this application. The food industry bestows the superfood label on nutrient-rich foods with a supposed capacity to positively affect health.

Bar Line / Contiline Hansella

The first of our superfood packaging machines is from Hansella. This Hansella Contiline is a highly flexible bar production system, consisting of bar kitchen, bar slab forming equipment, cooling tunnel, and cutting combinations. It is designed to produce cereal, protein, functional, fruit, brittle, and candy bars. What are your benefits?

– Unique mixing system – gentle treatment of raw materials for best bar quality.
– Patented flex execution of the slab former for flexible adaption of forming width
– Optimized for easy, efficient, and fail-safe production.
– Tool-free operation and maintenance.
– Continuous belt cleaning
– Optional ultrasonic knife ensures clean cuts even for complicated masses

FCL Syntegon Ampack

Syntegon Ampack produces FCL superfood packaging machines Their machines allow the important and healthy probiotics to be maintained and safley brought to the customers. So what features does this machine offer?

– It is available in ultra-clean and aseptic.
– The Ampack FCL is designed according to 3-A hygienic requirements (therefore it’s a perfect fit for products requiring a higher protection and a longer shelf-life)
– The linear filler has an output of up to 60,000 cups per hour
– Easy retrofits based on standardized interfaces
– Increased output for liquid products with anti-spilling functionality
– Extractable sealing station for easy changeover of sealing heads
– HMI 4.0 for simplified operation and intuitive operator guidance

SVE 2520 Syntegon Weert

What is trending in the world of superfoods? Nuts and seeds – tiny packages of dense nutrition! The SVE 2520 from Syntegon Weert is a continuous motion vertical bagger that offers high versatility in bag styles including corner seal and Doy style bags.
It is full of benefits, such as:
– User-riendly software
– Low machine height
– Production of a wide range of bag styles
– Bag styles: Pillow bag, gusseted bag, stand-up bag, corner sealed bag, full corner sealed bag, doy style bag

GKF Capsylon 705

The GKF Capsylon 705 from Syntegon Technology is a fully autometed capsule filling machine. Food supplements have become a vital part of our everyday lives. Healthy living includes all the vitamins our bodys need. You feel like producing superfood vitamin supplements?
Here are your benefits:
– Excellent cost performance ratio and flexible machine set up
– Wide range of filling products, for health and nutrition products
– Easy to maintain, operate and clean
– Designed and built according to the latest GMP standards
– Easy and simple format change with short changeover times
– Intensified segment cleaning for long-term running

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions our need a consultation from our experts!