End of line solutions – secondary packaging

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Are you taking full advantage of the many possible secondary packaging solutions?

Syntegon Technology – Kliklok ACE Cartonformer

The new Kliklok ACE carton former platform from Syntegon Technology is our first End-Of-Line secondary packaging recommendation for you! It was developed with a particular focus on ergonomic design, sustainability, and increased efficiency. This ACE cartonformer can handle both lock-style and glue-style cartons, which guarantees full flexibility! It can handle different carton format sizes, and offers lots of benefits:
• 240 cpm former with a small footprint
• Availability with lock, glue or ultrasonic forming
• Integrated “Flex Feeder” ensures positive carton control
• Ergonomic low-level hopper for operator convenience
• On-board electrics replace control cabinet

CPS – Compact Case Packer

The CPS CP Compact Case Packer works by gravity and is suitable for secondary packing large flexible bags horizontally in boxes or crates. What can it be used for? Ideally for bread packaging and food packaging such as animalfood packaging. Multiple layers can be loaded into the box, the box is vibrated during loading (option) in order to achieve optimum filling. What are the outstanding benefits of this packaging machinery solution?
• Simple engineering and a small footprint
• High-quality stainless steel and aluminium components
• Many options available for a customised solution

Demaurex – Spiral Feeder

The Spiral Feeder from ROTZINGER Group Demaurex is a great buffering system for the following products: Food items, pharmaceutical products, luxury items, non-food products , bottles, frozenfood products, cartons, trays, bags, and all other kinds of different products. What are the benefits of this Spiral Feeder for secondary packaging?
• FIFO-Buffer concept
•Elevator / Lowerator function
• Contactless buffering of products
• Modular design out of standardised components
• Zero changeover time
• Optimal space requirement an layout flexibility
• Highest possible buffer density
• Open, sanitary design

Syntegon – Elematic 3001 XL Casepacker

The Elematic 3001 XL from Syntegon Technology was developed to handle small to oversized case formats for secondary packaging. This wrap around casepacker has narrow machine layout for perfect inline integration. The robust, ergonomical and reliable machine can pack with a speed up to 20 cases per minute. Benefits include:
•Narrow machine design for perfect inline integration
• Ergonomic design with one clear operator side
• Wide format range
• Pack style flexibility
• Material efficiency
• HMI 4.0 – gateway to connectivity

Lantech – Stretchwrapper

Improve your productivity by keeping the operator on the forklift. You can save two minutes of forklift driver labor per load! Take a look at this Lantech Stretch Wrapper! Eliminate the “run-around” with Simple Automation™ in a fast – paced environment. Q-300XT automatically attaches and cuts the film. Equipped with a fully protected mechanical cut & clamp.

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