Sustainable Paper Packaging

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Sustainable Paper as packaging material

Both our installed machinery and new machinery products are approved to process paper-based materials fitting to your product. This sustainable paper is available in almost all popular bag styles: pillow, gusseted, block bottom, corner sealed and Doy.

– Suitable for primary and secondary packaging (wrapped/bagged snacks products)

– Fully recyclable paper

Our Solution

Heat sealable paper pouch for Doy; limited barrier properties for dry products, up to 80 bags / min and up to 300 g

Your Benefits

Join us in being first to market with a recycable paper Doypouch; lead the market!

– Suitable for secondary packaging (wrapped / bagged snacks products)

– Bag filling degree up to 80% for Doy, reduce packaging material consumption (powder)

– Focus industries: confectionery, snacks, powder, bakery, pasta, wrapped products

– Sustainability without compromise; the same or better bag quality, speed and fully recyclable offering the right barriers to ensure shelf life (case-by-case upon material and product tests)

– Applicable for new machines and potentially as a retrofit for your installed base case-by-case upon material and product tests

– Also the machine can also run heat sealable paper and polyolefin plastic based laminate films

– Machine types: SVE 2520 LR, WR, DZ /SVE 3620 LR, WR / SVE 3220 DZ

Paper as a packaging solution

– Reduce waste

– Use renewable resources

– Replace plastic with paper packaging

– Mono-paper cold seal application

– Laminated paper for hot seal application

Read more about the sustainable paper packaging solutions we offer here: POLO Sustainable Packaging_0411_SOUTH_EN_RU_VF

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