Vertical and horizontal packaging machinery – Nuts, Seeds & Dried Fruit

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Are you producing and packaging food products, such as nuts, seeds and dried fruit? We offer vertical and horizontal packaging machinery for the whole process, from weighing to packing, palletizing and stretch wrapping.

Weighing vertical packaging machinery – Multiweigh

With the Multiweigh machines you can weigh and mix up to 10 components! You can also process your products hygienically. For dry food, or sticky products like dried fruit and nuts – everything is possible with Multiweigh!
What are your benefits?
– gentle handling
– low noise
– maintenance free
– up to 48 weighin heads
– 20% higher output

Vertical and horizontal packaging machinery – Syntegon

For the packaging of nuts, seeds and dried fruits, we offer sustainable paper based solutions and suitable machines from Syntegon!
Our solution: Heat sealable paper pouch for Doy
Your benefits: Join us in being first to market with a recyclable paper Doypouch
Innovation: Up to 80 bpm and 250-300g

Palletizing packaging machinery – Smart Robotics

Secondary packaging can be automated which will save you lots of energy and time! For all businesses, also for nuts and seeds producers, Smart Robotics offers smart palletizers. Their smart palletizer is specifically designed for:
• Euro and industry pallets
• Stacking a height up to 2.100 mm
• A floorspace of no more than 3m2

What can the Smart Palletizer do for you?
• Improve Ergonomics
• Better Stacking quality
• Higher Availability
• Higher ROI (capex)
• Pay-per use (opex) option

Stretch wrapping packaging machinery – Lantech

What is the secret to keeping the case square during the case erecting and sealing process? Controling the case during the production of food packaging! Lantech case erectors and sealers establish control immediately when the case enters the machine into spring loaded side belts.

What are your benefits?
• Controlled entry of cases into machine
• Auto adjustment for case width variations
• Smooth case transit through the sealing cycle
• Ensures proper folding of the flaps
• Easy tape change
• Precision glue patterns
• Safe operation
• Fast and easy change over

For each and every demand, we offer the best quality vertical and horizontal packaging machinery for your individual demands and requirements. Feel free to contact us to find your optimal solution!

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