Eco Save Pack – a sustainable pharma packaging

Syntegon Polo AG Eco Save Pack Sustainable Paper Packaging Pharma Machine

Paper and packaging is our passion in Polo. Our partner Syntegon Technology shares our values with green, user-friendly and safe opportunities. We would like to introduce Syntegons Eco Save Pack to you – a sustainable all paper solution for the protection of fragile pharmaceuticals. It is a carton tray with product-adapted inlays meeting different market demands.

The Benefits of Eco Save Pack

Are you a pharma producer and need proper packaging for your products?

Eco Save Pack is full of benefits for your production!
– 100 % recyclable material
– Mechanical product protection against dropping, impact and pressure during transport and storage
– Lower investment costs and smaller footprint due to obsolete blister machine
– One supplier for inlay and carton

During these challenging times, producers of medicines have to rely on flexible solutions to meet the changing demand. At the same time, they need to assure highest quality of their products.
With our highly flexible all paper solution Eco Save Pack you have the possibility to pack a wide range of packaging styles on the same line: From singlepack to hospital multipacks in less than 20 minutes changover time!

Self-administered drug delivery methods are on the rise. Safe and attactive packaging is a key factor for a successful product launch. Syntegons Eco Save Pack is providing a sustainable all-paper solution for a great customer experience with all the process advantages of proven Syntegon sideloading cartoning technology. No matter if you are packaging pens, autoinjectors or any other medical device.

You will not need a separate blister machine. The goal was to offer the pharmaceutical industry a sustainable secondary packaging system with the flexibility of handling various products and at the same time providing improved product safety. The solution was: Syntegon Eco Save Pack!

The Design of Eco Save Pack

Due to its chambered design, the inlay provides optimal protection. Inside the package the product is literally floating. It can be locked in place by clips, which prevents shifting and mutual contact, whereas back-ups are needed to lock contents in a plastic tray. The re-closable, folded carton and the easy removal of the product from the inlay make the packaging very easy to handle.

Additionally, supplements such as patient information leaflets (PIL) in form of booklets, outserts or pre-folded inserts from a roll or sheet, can be inserted into the packaging. The single packaging material makes usage of a plastic tray obsolete. Consequently, no thermoforming machine is required.

This product will throw your companies products ahead of its time! Safety, Design and Sustainabilty united in one product!

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