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The COVID-19 Pandemic increases the demand for pharma machinery inspection equipment. More and more pharmaceuticals must be produced and tested, which is challenging the manufacturers. We are proud to say, that Syntegon Technology has completed several inspection machine projects around the globe to guarantee quality and high output rates. The supplied equipment includes high speed automatic inspection machines for visual inspection and container closure integrity testing.

Quality to protect and support customers

Their leading sentence in this regard is: “Processing and packaging for a better life” – Especially in the current situation they are trying to help their customers. Pharma manufacturers must adapt to the fast-changing demands and offer quality pharma products. At the same time, the preparation for new vaccines and medicines is progressing.

When producing pharmaceuticals, one of the key elements is to have good inspection equipment to ensure that quality if not lost. This measure contributes to the customers safety when receiving and using the offered medication. Inspection equipment, therefore, is a very serious and significant part when it comes to protecting lives.

Pharmaceutical inspection around the globe

Within the last months, Syntegon has installed their inspection machines around the earth to help producing companies and the final customers. Syntegon Technology also inspects active ingredients for corona test therapies in the EU.

They fight together with some of the biggest multinational pharma companies worldwide by supplying them with the needed machinery. They are located everywhere from Africa, China, USA and to the EU.

The Syntegon Team is preparing further machines to meet other orders. Those will be available for shipping a few months after defining the individual customer requirements.

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