X-fold Packaging by TG Packaging

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Polo has a new supplier – TG Packaging

The Belgium company TG Packaging was established in 1975 and is the specialist for X-fold packaging equipment on the market.
The company develops innovative packaging solutions and focuses on the biscuit packaging technologies:

  • X-fold Packaging
  • Pillowpack
  • Bagloading

X-fold packaging machine CM60

The CM60 is a X-fold roll packing machine for different product shapes at medium speeds (max. 60 products per minute) and can overwrap a large amount of various products on edge and has multiple options to give every rollpack a nice and artisanal look.
The machine operates mainly mechanically and is controlled by a state of
the art control system which guarantees reliability and functionality for the products. The CM60 can be combined with an on-edge feeding system.

Possible applications for the CM60 include important food applications such as (sandwich) biscuits, rice-/corn-/oat-cakes, crackers, extruded bread and
The CM60 can easily be adjusted to various individual product shapes, such as round, oval, rectangular, square or triangular in order to fit to every product’s needs.

X-fold packaging machine CM90

The CM90 is a new generation fully-automatic, high-speed and customisable
X-fold rollpacker that provides a powerful answer to the increasing production capacity.
The packaging machine is, just as the CM60, equipped with multiple control
systems to ensure the highest level of efficiency, continuity and
hygiene. The CM90 can be created in combination with an X-fold on-edge feeder assortment.

With an operation speed of 90 products per minute, it is the fastest and most advanced X-fold packaging machine available on the market.
Besides that, the machine offers features like: Splicer, clipper, corrugated paper, flex diameter version and others.

Possible Applications include rice-/corn-/oat-cakes, sandwich
biscuits and the machine is also used for crackers, extruded bread, biscuit and others.
The CM-90 can easily be adjusted to various individual product shapes, such as round, oval, rectangular, square or triangular, also multiple diameters are possible.

Further information

Contact your local Polo Sales experts for a personal consultation on TG Packaging equipment and follow us on Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with our products.

Syntegon Sealing System PHS 2.0

Syntegon Sealing System PHS 2.0 Polo Handels AG Packaging Machinery

Our partner Syntegon Technology has developed a Sealing System PHS 2.0 which will offer lots of benefits. Their innovations are focused on improving your business and creating vertical packaging solutions. 

Firstly it improves your operational equipment effectiveness (OEE). This OEE is known to improve manufacturing productivity. The new Syntegon Sealing System PHS 2.0 helps to improve the OEE by speeding up the packaging process by up to 25%. To achieve this, it uses two-sided heating and no Teflon tape which reduces the sealing and cooling time. 

Secondly, it increases your machine uptime. The Syntegon Sealing System PHS 2.0 ensures a smooth packaging process with very little machine down time. This system gives you flexibility to run laminated materials as well as Polyethylene films without needing a cross seal jaw changeover. This will speed up your machine down time.  

And finally, the Syntegon Sealing System PHS 2.0 reduces your plastic consumption. Environment protection has become more and more important, which is why Syntegon tries to adapt their processes. The clamped film during the sealing process is reduced by 25%. You can pack the same weight of product while using up to 6,8% less film per bag. The top and the bottom of the bag have a free skirt of only 2 millimetres. 

We are very proud of our innovative partner! If you want to know more about our products or the Syntegon Sealing System PHS 2.0, feel free to contact your local Polo sales team!  

Skype Training Sessions by Syntegon Schiedam

Syntegon Schiedam Skype training sessions online training Polo Handels AG Partner Machinery

As the official sales and service representative of Syntegon Technology in CEE (Baltics, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia and Slovakia), we as Polo Handels AG want to inform you of great home office opportunities: Syntegon Schiedam offers Skype training sessions!

In these unprecedented times, our partner Syntegon Schiedam and we want to assure you that our team is ready to maintain the usual quality of services for your business continuity. We take all recommended measures to protect employees and business partners. We work hand in hand to keep risks for people and businesses low.

Despite the stricter travel restrictions at Syntegon and in many countries, the goal is to offer the level of quality, responsiveness and support that you have come to expect from Syntegon. Therefore, we are pleased to inform you that the team of Syntegon Schiedam offers Skype training sessions. From the location in Schiedam, Syntegon offers three introduction Skype training sessions which they organize with you via Skype.


The introduction to horizontal flow wrapping will focus on the basics behind horizontal flow wrapping and how the flow wrappers deal with that. What is a cycle of the machine and what needs to be done within each cycle? Why is the cut-off length so important for the execution of the machine? The Syntegon Schiedam team can not only share information with you but you can also share your experience with them. They offer you this Skype training session free of costs.

Furthermore, Syntegon Schiedam offers an introduction in operating (general operating instructions) flow wrappers. We cover the basic instructions, from operator panel, HMI structure, adjustments during production to cleaning. For this session Syntegon Schiedam asks a small fee. Afterwards you will receive the self-learning interactive slideshow which they use within the session.

The third training is an introduction in maintenance of flow wrappers (general maintenance instructions). They will handle periodic maintenance, mechanical setups for the important flow wrapper modules, and HMI structure. For this session the Syntegon Schiedam tram asks a small fee. Afterwards you will receive the self-learning interactive slideshow which they use within the Skype training session.


For these introduction sessions anyone can participate. The online group can be divers from different locations over the world. However, a minimum of 5 participants is required to plan a session. The training language will be English. The sessions will be held via Skype. After applying for a session and when the minimum of 5 participants has been reached, we will suggest three dates to the participants. We will choose the date with the most votes for the session. You will then receive a Skype Training session invitation via email from where you can join the meeting.

For more information contact your local Polo sales team! We will help you get access to these sessions!

Syntegon machines – Special offer

machines with a short delivery period Pharma Pharmaceutical Packaging Processing Syntegon Technology Polo

Increased demand during Coronavirus crisis

During Coronavirus crisis, we identified an increased demand for machines with a short delivery period. Together with our top partners, we arranged some special offers for you. For example the AIM 3000 or the KHS 1100 from Syntegon Technology.

Machines with a short delivery period

In order to maintain your production standards, we have manufactured small series of selected machines that can still be delivered within this year.
Those are machines where, to be finished, only format parts needed for your products are missing. This guarantees a short delivery time and additional safety for your products.


Highest product safety and quality

  • Highest detection rates: 100% double check for moving particles with two identical inspections systems
  • Increased inspection performance due to combination of high resolution CMOS cameras (12 Mpix) with transmitting and reflecting LED lighting
  • Product specific spinning profiles due to individual direct drives (48 servo motors)
  • Advanced image capturing technology with up to 36 pictures per container on each inspection station

Increased Productivity (OEE)

  • Reduced maintenance due to eliminated risk of sucking product into system (Bernoulli principle)
  • Easy access and cleaning due to open machine cover (360°), housed camera systems, sealed bottom plate, rounded edges

Click here for a more detailed information: Layout & Technical details

… and watch the video of the AIM 3000 operating.


Highest measurement sensitivity

  • Certified standard containers permanently mounted on inspection star wheel
  • Continuous calibration monitoring and background correction
  • Multi-head configuration: no downtime in case of head failure
  • Fixed measurement modules: less wearing

Robust and versatile platform

  • Individual pitch for each format allows longer measurement time at maximum output
  • Automatic re-inspection
  • In-field retrofitting and modular design
  • Flexible, later addition of laser modules or formats and products
  • Smooth sorting with optional exact counting

Click here for a more detailed information: Layout & Technical details

…and watch the video of the KHS 1100 operating.


For any additional information on this special offer or if you would like to get a general personal consultation on pharmaceutical machines by our partner Syntegon Technology, contact our local Polo Sales Manager in your country!